How Prime Came To Be!

“Sometimes in tragedy we find our life’s purpose” – Robert Kennedy

Our story began with tragedy in 1977 when my father passed away suddenly and left behind a 3 yr old boy (me) and mother who was a school teacher. Little did we know it but our lives were put on a path that forced us into new roles and responsibilities that would mold us into who we are today.

With a mother that worked three jobs in order to support us, I was driven at that very young age to take on many of the responsibilities that the man of the house would typically handle at that time. Things like in 1984 putting together a gas grill that came in 1000 pieces (that was a doozy, which is probably why I remember it). Whether or not I knew it, I was learning all the skills necessary to maintain a home while also acquiring a tireless work ethic.

Like many others, I have always taken care of everything that had to do with home upkeep. Whether it was cleaning the gutters or keeping the smoke detectors up to date so my mother’s house was safe, I was always there, almost on call you might say.

However, over the years, things changed. I now also had my own family and home to take care of as well. My time was limited, not only to help my mother, but for everything. Three small kids, a wife, a job, etc. etc. etc. I felt like I didn’t even have time to keep up my own home let alone take care of someone else’s. The visits to my mother’s became less and less frequent and when I did get over, it was to work on something and not to enjoy our time together. As frustrated as I had become, I knew it was just as frustrating for her to ask me to come do these things knowing I had so many other responsibilities. But who else could she call?

Then it hit me! What if there were a one call service that could do everything from assessing her home safety, to maintaining it for her on a regular basis if needed. It was right then and there that Prime Home Upkeep was born.

You see, Prime isn’t just a job, its personal to me. Every homeowner out there has a large investment in their home, and I want to help them maintain that investment! The Beautiful part is that when they call Prime, they are actually buying time! Time that they can spend however they so desire; and maybe, just maybe, there is another young kid out there who could use some help.

By Scott Hughes, President

Mom and Me circa 1980
Mom and Me circa 1980

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