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1. Do I have to do a service plan, or can I schedule one service individually?

Yes, absolutely! We are available to help in any way we can. Some customers prefer to schedule on an hourly basis, which is fine. Others feel more comfortable knowing ALL of their home’s needs are met with one call.

2. Is there a charge to get a Quote?

Quotes are always Free! And by the way, we don’t have trip charges either!

3. Do I need to be home during my appointment?

No. One of the reasons for our initial assessment/Free Quote is to make sure we know exactly what needs to be done when we get there. Some of our customers choose us because of their busy schedule so knowing what we are going to work on helps us both out.

4. What do I need to supply?

Nothing if you so choose. We are happy to supply things like replacement filters and batteries without markup, as well as all the necessary tools. However, if you would like to have these types of items on hand for us to install, that is fine with us. Our only request is that we have access to your exterior water faucets if we are performing services which require water like power washing your deck.

5. What if I need a service I don’t see on this website?

If you don’t see your service listed, that doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Just let us know and we will either take care of it or find someone reliable and affordable who can.

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